This is Not a Taco Shell


It's a Cracker!
It's a bowl you can eat!
It's an Edibowl®

  • Edibowls are baked (never fried) with whole wheat flour, not typical corn flour — offering one or two whole grains for the Child Nutrition Meal Pattern Requirements, in a kid-friendly form they’ll want to eat
  • With a fraction of the fat of deep-fried competitive bowls, and a healthy dose of protein, calcium, iron, and fiber, Edibowls are a wholesome, non-greasy foundation for nutritious school meals
  • Edibowls provide an easy way to portion school meals and reduce waste

Did you know the #1 Finding in the School Food Authorities Administrative Review (AR) is non-compliance with Grains and Vegetables? 

Order Your Edibowl Samples Today & Also Receive:

  • Unpacking video featuring a breakage comparison to store-bought shells
  • Fun menu ideas
  • Complete nutritional information

Serve fun meals using your existing commodities. Order your samples today!

*Please note, image shown above is a serving suggestion - Edibowls arrive unfilled